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About Us

There are five trusted brands to promote: BetPhoenix, Skybook, Bogart Casino and BetMania. These brands offer Sports betting, Horse betting, Casino and standalone Casino, Live Dealer.

Our main markets are North America and Latin America. However most European, African, and Asian customers are welcome. Our Customer Service agents speak English, Spanish, Chinese and Vietnamese.

Our experienced affiliate managers are friendly, informative and ready to assist you to grow your affiliate business. Contact us at: [email protected].


Unlike our competition, Affcorner Affiliates is a hassle-free, lifetime commissions! There are no restrictions or hidden terms. There are no minimum player requirements or minimum active time requirements to get paid.  We know you work hard to do your best and we appreciate your business. Your money is your money, period!

Your commission will be issued based on the percentage sliding scale below. When your referred players lose, they will generate net losses (wins for you).  As your generated net losses (wins) increase, so will your commission percentage. This percentage is known as Revenue Share.

Net Revenue Revenue Share Percentage
Up to $7,000 25%
$7,001 - $25,000 30%
$25,001 and up 35%

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