Q: Where is AffCorner located?

A: Affcorner's headquarters are located in San José, Costa Rica.

Q: How long has AffCorner been in business?

A: Led by one of the most experienced and financially sound bookmaking teams in the industry, AffCorner  is the affiliate program for well stablished brands since 1996: BetPhoenix, BetMania, Skybook, Bogart Casino, Bingo Fun House.

Q: What payment methods are available to affiliates?

A: Affcorner pays affiliates via Bitcoin, Player account and Person to Person Money Transfers. Contact affiliate manager for other options.

Q: What is the minimum payment amount?

A: Affiliates can request a payment on amounts of 100 in either Euro, Dollars or GBP.

Q: Do I need a website to participate?

A: Affcorner prefers that all affiliates own a website, but we do welcome affiliates who can work using other marketing channels. Please contact us before completing your registration if you wish to use our offline promotional resources. It's never been so easy!

Q: How much money will the AffCorner affiliate program cost?

A: Joining the AffCorner affiliate program is completely free and you are not required to pay for our marketing tools.

Q: How often am I paid?

A: AffCorner processes payments around the 8th day of each month. Payments will be received according to payment type and statements will be sent on the 8th –10th day of each month. Please note that we are paying you on the 8th of each month to make sure all the sporting events are graded. This will prevent differences after payment in your commission.

Q: What is your commission structure?

A: We offer the Net Revenue Share model.

Net Revenue

Revenue Share Percentage

Up to $7,000


$7,001 - $25,000


$25,001 and up


Q: How do I see how much I have earned?

A: You can log into your account at each of the affiliate brands websites and check your stats 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year. Please note that it might take until the next day before a new sign up shows in your account.

Q: Do negatives carry over?

A: Yes, negative balances will carry over.